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B2B Outbound Telemarketing

New England Sales & Marketing makes the most immediate method of sales lead generation, outbound telemarketing, accessible and affordable. We provide outbound calling in a variety of formats to either fortify your other methods of lead generation or stand-alone as your primary strategy. Our callers all have 15 to 20 plus years of experience in B2B tech marketing and inside sales.

Our outbound telemarketing services include the following:

Phone appointments – Our team will connect you, typically by phone appointment, with your interested, qualified prospects. You may provide your own database, or we will recommend one for you.

Prospect surveys – Get to know your prospect’s needs, or get re-acquainted with former clients via phone outreach. We will score the results so you can import them back into your CRM system for the next step in the buying cycle.

Pre-event calling – Whether your marketing event is a direct mail piece, e-mail campaign, webinar, or trade-show, be sure it gets the attention of your prospects with “pre-calling”. Even something as straightforward as leaving a message will ensure that your prospect acknowledges your offer when they see it.

Post-event calling - Regardless of how compelling your event may have been, your most viable prospects seldom have the time to pick up the phone and request your services. However, they will respond to hearing from someone who wants to better understand their requirements, especially after they opened your email, downloaded your white paper, or attended an event (live or virtual).

Database refresh – Two things are happening that bring the need to refresh sales databases into high-demand; the confluence of extreme economic activity, and greater availability of online contact information. The latter is a great place to start, but ultimately, the most reliable method of updating responsible parties and contact information is by phone. Thus the commonly-heard expression, “Don’t go by what’s on the website.”

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