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About New England Sales & Marketing

Your opportunity to hire a highly-refined marketing function within your preferred engagement model.

All team members of New England Sales & Marketing have been fulfilling sales and marketing functions to B2B technology firms since 1990 or earlier. We use our experience to execute against a variety of sales & marketing functions swiftly and decisively. This provides the benefit of an on-call marketing department to the resource-constrained technology firm. We dedicate ourselves to a relatively small number of clients in order to operate in the hands-on format that we feel results in the greatest client success and return on a well-priced investment.

Our team is headed by technology marketing professional, Kathy Tito, whose privilege it has been to fulfill a variety of marketing functions since 1990. From her indoctrination as a magazine editor and telecom industry analyst, to which she attributes her “content-driven” genetic code, to product marketing and online lead generation roles in more recent years, she has implemented a well-rounded portfolio of sales-enablement programs for technology firms nation-wide, both publicly-traded and start-up.

Why the emphasis on New England in our company name?

While you certainly don’t need to be an East Coast technology firm to engage New England Sales & Marketing, we bring a certain straightforward dose of ingenuity to all of our client engagements. We are true New Englanders in our ability to get things done with less. We produce in less time, with fewer resources, a result that would seem to require more of each. That is what our experience positions us to do.

In New England we are surrounded by the greatest technology firms that you’ll never hear about. They have been around for years, they are largely self-funded, and they have identified a meaningful market for their services. These are the companies that inspire us to help our clients generate revenue with wisely-used resources and flexible engagement models. In some cases, these companies are our clients, or our friends, and we look forward to sharing their successes with you in our B2B Marketing Blog: The Bootstrap.

Our clients may, or may not, have a large internal sales & marketing team, and they simply don’t have time to manage vendors or oversee projects. They need to go-to-market, and can’t waste time on implementation or hand-holding inexperienced staff.

We look forward to working with you.

Kathy Tito,
Founder and President
New England Sales & Marketing. LLC

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