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Market Research, Focus Groups, and More: Test Before you Invest

With the advent of internet-based communications such as video streaming, it has never been easier for geographically-dispersed teams to “come to the virtual table” for market research purposes. Our market research partners, versed in all aspects of quantitative and qualitative market research methodologies, executed either online or off, will help you leverage the approach that will get you the data you require as you make your marketing and/or product development decisions.

Key applications include:

  • Message testing
  • Pricing analysis
  • Product definition
  • Feature/benefit analysis
  • Market segmentation
  • Website functionality

New England Sales & Marketing encourages you to consider the following methodologies:

Focus Groups

  • One on one, in person
  • Groups, in person
  • Streamed from individual desktops
  • Video streamed from a central location
  • Online


  • Telephone
  • Online

Depth Interviews

  • Telephone
  • In person

Usability Tests

  • In person
  • Online

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