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B2B Sales & Marketing Strategies

Search Engine Marketing (Paid Search)
& Search Engine Optimization (Unpaid Search)

Too often SEM and SEO are dismissed by B2B technology marketers as “too difficult” or “too expensive”. Before you launch or improve your online presence, bring search engine marketing back to the table. Often, tremendous opportunity to rise up the ranks is left behind by competitors. Consider the impact of an inbound inquiry from a Google search, or better still, the revenue opportunity of converting it to a sale. We can help you harness the dynamics of search to turn that “off chance” of being found into a more common occurrence.

Our Paid Search Services
We start by analyzing your business needs. We then design a campaign that will get your product or service in front of searchers that are most likely to convert into your customers. Next, we carefully monitor your campaign and make changes that will result in better click through rates and lower conversion costs. We provide weekly reporting and analysis, and work closely with you to make sure your campaign is always aligned with your overall business strategy and tactical efforts.

Our Organic Search Services
We provide complete search engine optimization by industry experts who have worked on many large B2B and B2C websites. We can work with you to optimize an existing site, and we will also help during a site redesign so that your new site will be out of the gate fully optimized. Our process includes extensive keyword research, thorough technical analysis of your site and in-depth recommendations, as well as structure and content optimization. We monitor progress on a monthly basis, providing customized reporting based on your needs, and thorough performance analysis. We never stop the optimization process, so your site makes constant gains in rankings and traffic, and never falls behind competitors.

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