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About New England Sales & Marketing

A highly-refined marketing function on demand

All team members of New England Sales & Marketing have been fulfilling sales and marketing functions to B2B technology firms throughout their esteemed careers. We use our experience to execute against a variety of sales & marketing functions swiftly and decisively. This provides the benefit of an on-demand marketing department to resource-constrained sales or marketing leadership.

Our team is headed by technology industry professional, Kathy Tito Dunlay, whose privilege it has been to fulfill a variety of sales and marketing functions for almost three decades (so far). From her indoctrination as a magazine editor and telecom industry analyst, to field marketing and digital demand generation roles, she has implemented sales-enablement programs for B2B technology firms of all sizes, privately-held, publicly-traded and start-up.

Why the emphasis on “New England” in our company name?

The majority of our team members are based in New England, but our clients are spread nationwide. Everyone brings a certain straightforward dose of ingenuity to all of our client engagements. We produce in less time, with fewer resources, a result that would seem to require more of each. That is what our experience positions us to do.

“Our clients may or may not have an established internal sales & marketing team. But one thing they all have in common is that they simply don’t have time to hand-hold vendors or micro-manage projects. They need to go-to-market, and can’t waste time getting campaigns underway.”



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