Client Success

“Kathy has a personal approach to making cold calls that differentiates her and her team at New England Sales & Marketing. Her ability to quickly learn an industry and engage in discovery sets her apart.  We are highly impressed with the professionalism and work that Kathy has arranged for us, particularly because she has provided several good solid opportunities to pursue with new companies.  We look forward to continuing our partnership for a long time.”

Director of Business Development at a leading direct marketing technology company

NESM Client since 2013

“My Sales Director asked me to deliver a shot in the arm for Q3 leads. NESM was the ace up my sleeve I needed to generate qualityleads in a short period of time. Our sales and marketing team was impressed by how quickly NESM was able to get up to speed on our market and implement the campaign. I was thrilled at the quick traction we made. We continue to use NESM to this day, and have consistently closed new accounts from the leads they have produced.”

Director of Marketing at a privately-held software firm

NESM Client since 2011

We originally engaged Kathy to help us define our Social Media Marketing Strategy. Although we were doing a lot of the basics, Kathy was able to make suggestions to enable us to take it to the next level. Kathy also used some of her connections to introduce us to established media channels, which resulted in significantly more exposure.

But the most impressive thing Kathy did was to design and run a “cold contact” campaign. We had targeted the CIO and Executive level at a number of Fortune 500 companies. We had no contacts or relations with the companies. Using Kathy’s campaign, we were able to obtain appointments with Senior Executives at almost half of the targeted companies. This was an extremely impressive result by any measure.

Principal at IT transformation consultancy

“If you want to work with a true professional, someone who is intelligent, articulate and experienced, you must reach out to Kathy. She really is an expert in her field. She and I covered many topics including social media, web, lead generation, SEO and email programs. She provided invaluable information and ideas every time. Combine that with the fact that she is a pleasure to work with! I look forward to an opportunity to work with Kathy again.”

Vice President of Marketing Audio equipment manufacturer

“In the interest of developing new business opportunities, we have heavily invested in attending and exhibiting at multiple trade shows early in the year.  We were successful at the trade shows making many new contacts. The true value of those contacts is not in the initial conversation, but in quality follow up after the fact to start new relationships.  Being a relatively small sales organization, we did not have the bandwidth to effectively follow up on those leads so I contacted Kathy to see if she could help with the follow up and further qualification of those contacts.

From the first interaction, Kathy was terrific to work with.  Upbeat, professional and very responsive.  After a few email exchanges and two conference calls, she understood the scope of our project and had a game plan on how to achieve good results.  She quickly started making calls to the contact list we provided and started seeing immediate results.  Over the course of the campaign she had a surprising high success rate in reaching people and engaging them in conversations.

In summary, I was tremendously impressed with New England Sales & Marketing.  Kathy’s effectiveness on the phone has helped and will continue to help us see a good return on our tradeshow investment that we would not have seen on our own.”

Sales Director at a large computer equipment manufacturer

NESM client since 2010

“I consider hiring NESM to handle our sales lead generation as one of the best decisions I have made since founding my company over 25 years ago. The entire NESM team has all the requisite top-flight employee qualities…hard-working, committed, organized, and effective.

But the quality that makes NESM a truly top-flight service provider is intelligence. Our NESM engagement manager and both cold callers are very smart people. As examples of this, NESM is now writing our monthly newsletters with almost no over site or editing, and they have been tasked with calling some of the principal’s personal sales contacts because they handle business relationships so well. NESM has been and continues to be a pleasure to work with.”

Founder at a wireless technology firm

“Kathy is the ultimate seasoned professional, always thinking of new ideas and ways to creatively raise the bar on all of our campaigns, always ready to deliver. Her team has been a right-hand to us in helping establish our social media strategies and addressing opportunities and challenges along the way. I couldn’t imagine doing all we do without her intelligent, creative, can-do attitude!”

Brand Manager of a leading IT equipment reseller

NESM client since 2010

“Kathy is a pleasure to work with. She is Intelligent, knowledgeable and full of ideas. I could not think more highly of anyone I have interacted with professionally.”

Vice President of Marketing of a leading IT equipment reseller

NESM client since 2010

“Kathy is one of those rare people you meet who combines intelligence, energy and customer solution skills. She is a pleasure to work with and her customers get great value from her support and recommendations. Her experience in result-oriented marketing and sales have made her a valued person in my network and a real pleasure to work with.”

General Manager

International market research firm

“Kathy never ceased to amaze me with her ability to gather data, analyze it, and figure out what it means for the strategy of the business. I find that she’s one of those marketers who really gets it, not only in theory but in her ability to put it into action. I would recommend Kathy to any company that needs to turbocharge their demand generation and marketing.”

Vice President of Marketing

Leading global research and advisory firm

“NESM works as an extension of our sales team, to engage our targeted audience in conversation and moving them towards the next stage in the sales cycle. With today’s sales environment, many reps are expected to maintain client business relationships while constantly searching for new ones. NESM allows us to stay on top of prospecting freeing up time for the team to focus on existing client relationships. It has allowed us to have a true omni-channel approach and extend our reach with increased sales and ROI.”

Director of Marketing, Direct Marketing Industry Leader

NESM client since 2014

“Kathy is a true professional with focus and high energy who is always innovating in marketing. I enjoy our discussions because Kathy makes everything tangible. She is incredibly thoughtful in describing her ideas in a way that you can envision and feel. If you are seeking a true innovator who will maximize your marketing efforts within your appetite for time and expense, I couldn’t recommend Kathy Dunlay any more highly.”

Human Capital Consultant and Entrepreneur

“Kathy and her team are unbelievably helpful to our organization as we increase our revenue pipeline. They go above and beyond to ensure that they are knowledgeable of our industry and act as a direct extension of our organization. I would highly recommend her team to any organization looking to kickstart a campaign.”

Vice President of Sales, Custom Manufacturing Firm

NESM client since 2017



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