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Interviews with the Founder

New England Sales & Marketing Founder, Kathy Dunlay, is happy to be a resource on all things marketing as well as entrepreneurship.

performance delivered podcast

Performance Delivered • Episode 88

Kathy Dunlay | The Future of B2B Social Marketing

There is often a lot of uncertainty surrounding social media marketing, especially among B2B companies. There is the time crunch to create content for the various platforms. The pressure to keep up with other brands. And questions about future trends. listen ➤

demand gen club podcast

Demand Generation Club Podcast

Kathy Dunlay – New England Sales & Marketing

The guest of this episode is Kathy Dunlay. Dedicated to B2B demand generation professionals, we interview a B2B marketing leader to learn more about marketing tech stack, best practices, campaign ideas, processes, metrics to track, mistakes to avoid, and much more. listen ➤

colleen ferrary

Kathy Dunlay | Telemarketing

Colleen Ferrary interviews Kathy Dunlay about the State of Social Media in Tech Sales

Executive and entrepreneur Colleen Ferrary interviews Kathy Dunlay on the state of social media. Hear about the difference between Pointless Posting and Profitable Prospecting. listen ➤


Social Media’s New Leading Role in the B2B Technology Sales Process

Deploying Social Media as a vital part of a corporate marketing and sales mix will significantly improve the way IT companies communicate with their prospects through their Channel Partners in the B2B Enterprise space. The most dynamic global organizations are taking advantage of this cost effective medium in their channel marketing programs to establish strategic and competitive market positioning. Kathy Dunlay was featured in this webinar with Delta Channel Services, including case studies. watch video ➤



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