New Marketing Automation Report Released by FOCUS

Oct 15, 2010 | News and Events, Online Lead Generation

New England Sales & Marketing was pleased to receive a gracious notification from the team at We are humbled by their reaction to our contribution to their expert forum. Dear Kathy, I’m writing you today to notify you that your exceptional contribution to was chosen to be featured in a Focus Expert Briefing! Your answer to the question, What are the main causes for marketing automation implementation failures? was chosen by our content team as an exemplary piece of content that represents the best of the Focus Expert Network. Exceptional contributions such as yours are packaged by Focus and used to further promote your expertise as well as promote the wealth of expertise found within the Focus Expert Network. In addition, any of your contributions contained within these briefings are fully attributed to you. You can view the briefing here: Top Reasons for Marketing Automation Failure Only contributions that demonstrate the highest caliber of expertise are chosen for Expert Briefings. Thank you for your great contributions, and I look forward to reading your future contributions to Courtney Sato Expert Services Focus | Business expertise for everyone direct: 415.293.5511 | main: 415.318.7200 email: site:

Kathy Tito Dunlay
President and Founder,  New England Sales & Marketing



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