B2B Video Sales

B2B Video Sales

Video Enablement Training – In a short series of virtual sessions, we enable sales teams and other employees to become comfortable using video messaging. This includes an annual subscription to a leading video messaging platform. Now you can leapfrog the competition by integrating video, customized to the prospect, in your email, LinkedIn messaging, landing pages, etc. Great for ABM, be the first company to craft custom video messages to those targeted decision makers or entire departments.

Video Interviews – Need a helping hand building your video content? Leave “talking heads” videos in the 80’s. Watching a conversation is always more engaging. We’re happy to interview your experts and ask the right questions to position people as the thought leaders they are.

Spokesperson Videos – Not interested in being in front of the camera? Let our spokespeople introduce your content for you, including product information, announcements, summarized blog articles, corporate news, and social media posts – anything that advances your brand.

Video Collateral – Imagine collateral that actually speaks to you! Whether integrated into small folders, larger brochures, or boxes, video makes your assets come alive. Great for direct mail campaigns.



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